the problem with rich people is that i am not one


If your parents don’t respect you, don’t respect your parents. Parenthood is not an excuse for total authoritarianism and to make your children feel small and unimportant.  


10/10 would bang.

But also:

10/10 would care for you
10/10 would tuck you in
10/10 would cuddle
10/10 would make sure you get to sleep okay
10/10 would make you breakfast in the morning


Fuck I’m walking downtown and I pass a group of guys staring at me and I think “great catcall time” but then one guy goes “you look like you could kill a man a million different ways with just your bare hands”. This. This is an acceptable comment to give a girl on the street.






How come Beyoncé wears crystal-studded leotards, 6” heels and fishnets, but she dresses Blue Ivy, her baby, in regular baby clothes? It really makes you think.

How come Beyoncé chooses to drink alcohol but doesn’t have Blue Ivy drink it? Why is Blue Ivy always being carried around? Why is she so short?

Why is this person talking to themselves?

Não dá pra entender o meu coração, mudou de amizade pra louca paixão.

Ai cê ta na rua sozinha conversando com seu amigo no wpp, ate que ele fala uma idiotice e vc fica rindo igual mongoloide, todo mundo na rua te olha como se vc fosse doente